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Do you know where your teenager is?

Wouldn’t it be great for the answer to that question to be “At the barn”?

Finding the right outlet for your teenager can be a challenge.  You want them to learn some new skills and develop a sense of responsibility. They want to have fun and hang out with their friends.

If your teen is already riding, then you’ve seen the confidence and maturity she or he has developed from the experience.  R.E.C. is an ideal place for them to continue their journey.

For your teen who’s looking for a new experience, horseback riding is a great way to meet some new friends who share their love of horses.  

Our trainers will teach your teen lessons in riding and horsemanship, in an environment that’s supportive, positive and fun.  We encourage our students to spend time with their friends at the barn, learning how to care for the horses and sharing their experiences.  

So whether they’re headed for the show ring or just looking for a place to belong, set up an appointment with our head trainer today.  We’ll give you some options for lessons and programs, from beginners to advanced riders. Inquire today for pricing.