Rockleigh Equestrian Center Leasing

A great alternative!

Maybe you’ve gone about as far as you can on the school horses. Maybe you simply desire spending more time connecting with a particular horse. Leasing is a great way to try out some spectacular horses or develop a particular set of skills without the commitment of ownership.  

Leasing is a terrific way to develop a special relationship with a horse. You’ll ride the same horse in all your lessons and participate in all aspects of the equestrian experience, from bathing to grazing to grooming–the horse, that is!

When you lease a horse, you get more opportunities to ride at your convenience and on your schedule. You can also try new experiences–like trail riding or hunter pacing–that aren’t available to those in the lesson program.

Call for a leasing consultation today
Lucia Montes, R.E.C.'s  Barn Manager, will help you define goals, give you some options on full- vs. half-lease and match you with a horse who’s going to take you to the next level.


Horses now available for lease:

Beau Horse for Lease

Theodore Steiff - 9 y/o, 16.3 hand Draft-Cross Gelding

Theodore Steiff - "Teddy", is a very special horse who is easy to love.  He is a great companion for trail rides, hunter-pacing, a ride in our cross-country field, and ring-work.

Teddy is privately owned and currently available for partial lease.

Theron Paint Horse for Lease

Theron - 14 y/o, 16.2 hand Draft-Cross Gelding

R.E.C. owned, this handsome boy is the perfect partner for hunter pacing and horse showing.  Theron is a gentle giant that will take his rider around a lovely 2'6" course as well as out for a leisurely ride on the trails.  

Theron is currently available for partial lease.


        Sweet Virginia Breeze ~ "Breeze" - 16 y/o, 16.1 hand Thoroughbred Mare

        Breeze is very well schooled; she loves to have a job and purpose. This mare is ready
        for all three rings but we find that she is phenomenal in the jumper ring.  Breeze is
        always willing and forgiving, however she does require an advanced rider.  

        Breeze is privately owned and is currently available for partial lease.


Ruby Quarter Horse for Lease

Ruby - 14 y/o, 15.3 hand Quarter Horse Mare

This one-of-a-kind mare is R.E.C. owned and never disappoints her rider.  Ruby consistently helps both english and western riders to build confidence...one ride at a time.  She is extremely forgiving with her sweet temperament.


Ruby is currently available for partial lease.